Breakfast with RIVALUS


Breakfast, in my opinion, is the most delicious meal of the day! All of my favorite foods are breakfast foods from bacon, eggs, toast, to oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, and fruit. There are so many ways and varieties of preparing a nutritious breakfast that is full of micro-nutrients and a lot of delicious ways to stay

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My Training Split


As I’m typing this I am currently just under 4 weeks out from CBBF Natural Nationals. This will be my biggest and likely most challenging competition to date, with athletes from all across Canada coming to compete. This competition is a World Qualifier, meaning a win here stamps your ticket to Worlds which is held

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Ugly Duckling versus Swan


It’s springtime Rivalus Fans!!! We all know what that means….summer is soon approaching. Time to squeeze into those short shorts, bikinis, crop tops, tank tops, speedos or whatever you may choose to hit the summer season with. For those who are able to hit the beach with confidence because of their strong discipline all winter

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