Build a Stronger Booty


Let’s face it girls….who out there doesn’t want a fantastic bottom?? Some women are lucky to be born with a butt that some of us would give our last breath over, while others (like myself) have to work for it. So instead of being envious over that “great looking butt”….get to the gym and work for it my friends!!

Here are some of my absolute fave exercises to build that bottom!:

  1. Deep squats!!! Throw that bar across your shoulders and get down. I personally feel it is more beneficial to use less weight and go deep then to throw heavy weights on and do quarter reps. ( Of course, if you have any knee injuries etc…listen to your body and modify for your safety)
  2. Lunges – Put a set of dumbells in hand and work on those walking lunges. I aim to do 3 sets of 20 reps for this one. 
  3. Incline Treadmill or Stepmill. Yes, these machines are dreaded but they work.  Feel your body weight as you step through your heel of each foot.  Try not to hold onto the machine for these exercises for full benefit. BURN BABY BURN!!! 

Anything that is worthwhile does not come easy. Dedication, sweat and hard work will be required to achieve any fitness goal. Keeping that in mind…appreciate your strong areas and have confidence in yourself.  Stay fit and healthy RIVALUS NATION!!! :) :)

– Michelle

IG: coolchelle

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