A Day in the Life of a Natural Bodybuilder


Beep. Beep. Beep.

5 AM and the alarm goes off. Morning already? Jeez, feels like I just went to sleep. Oh well, time to get up!

Slowly but surely I make my way down the hallway to the washroom. A quick mirror check and things are coming along nicely. Today marks 9 weeks until the CBBF Natural Nationals. My biggest competition to date…I’ll be ready. I brush my teeth and head back to my bedroom to get dressed and ready for the busy day ahead. Monday’s are always the busiest for me. Clients must be guilty of the events from the weekend, so they file into the gym ready for a good workout every Monday. I quickly run outside to warm the truck up before I head off to work. Soon the warm weather will be here and I won’t have to do this anymore. I can’t wait! Before I hop into the truck and make my way to work, I take my morning metabolism booster which is a combination of lemon, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper. It took getting used to since I don’t do spicy well, but I can get it down quite easily now.

In about 10 minutes I’m at work and the clock reads 5:20. Cardio time. Currently, right now I have to do cardio 3x a week first thing in the morning…fasted. No food in my system yet, besides that cayenne drink. I’ve adopted the routine of starting the week off with a cardio session as it sets the tone for the week. The week starts out with an accomplishment, doing that cardio session. The feeling of getting up and getting right after my goal is awesome. 20 minutes on the treadmill goes by rather quickly right now, but I know that will be short lived. Soon it will be 30 minutes, then 40. This means earlier mornings but I’m fine with it. It’s for a greater purpose. Sleep is overrated anyways…

I quickly get my breakfast in me before clients begin to roll in at 6. My first meal of the day is a smoothie so it’s quick and easy to consume this early in the morning. The morning stretch of clients goes until about 10:00. In this time I’ll have another meal, usually some chicken and rice. The last client comes and goes, then it’s time to head back home. The first half of my “work day” is done.

Most days I do not have personal training clients until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. This works out well for me when I’m prepping for a show because it gives me the opportunity to go home and meal prep. Nobody else is home so I can just crank some music and cook away. Chicken, rice, potatoes, ground beef, and much more get cooked up regularly throughout the week. I try to cook for 3 or 4 days in advance. It’s just easier that way.

When I’m home I’m usually busy with client stuff or working on my own projects. I have a few online clients who require my attention, so I make sure they’re good to go. I often spend a lot of time on social media, marketing myself and trying to grow my personal brand. YouTube is a new project of mine, one that I really enjoy doing. I have a series right now called “Road to CBBF Nationals” where I upload an episode every Thursday. I document the week and discuss how my training is going, nutrition, and many other things as I get closer and closer to show day. Head over to www.youtube.com/leroyrollins and subscribe!

While I’m home I also work on my flexibility and mobility. This has become a huge part of my training outside the weight room so I make sure I set aside time for it. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how my body feels, even from just doing 10-15 minutes a day. Along with the mobility work, I take the time to do some posing practice. As time goes on I’ll spend more and more time perfecting each and every pose I’ll be required to do on stage. Right now 5-10 minutes is where I’m at.

Throughout the time I’m home I will likely have another 2 meals. I’m probably listening to a podcast at this point as well. I’m always trying to learn so podcasts have become my new best friend. I’m able to still get others things done while still having knowledge dropped in my brain for a few hours. Some of my favourites include:

Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show

The Joe Rogan Experience

The 3DMJ Podcast

It’s now time to head back to work for a few more hours. Monday’s as I mentioned earlier are one of my longer days so I’ll be training clients until 7:30. Between clients, I’ll squeeze in another meal, probably a banana and some rice cakes with peanut butter. This meal takes no time to eat so I save it for when I’m busy and can’t sit down for a larger meal.

My last clients come in at 6:45 PM. They’re a 45-minute session so I quickly grab my pre-workout to sip on during their session. RIVALUS PowderBurn 2.0 is my go to, and if you know me at all then you know blue raspberry is my flavour of choice. It’s just so damn tasty! As their 45-minute workout goes on the effects of the pre-workout begin to kick in. I notice myself waking up and getting more energized. After being up and going since 5:00 this morning, this is a welcomed feeling. 7:30 rolls around and my clients head out the door. I take my last sip of PowderBurn, gather up my things, and make my way to the gym where my girlfriend and her brother will be waiting.

Today happens to be back day, which is always a fun workout. My back has always been one of my stronger areas so I really enjoy training it. There are so many exercises you can do for a back, which makes it a fun muscle group to train. Right now I’m doing a high volume training block. I’ve been training for many years so high volume for me is a lot of work. This back workout consists of 7 exercises and 3-4 sets each. By the end of the workout which often takes about an hour, my back is full of blood and pumped up! It’s such a cool feeling. I feel like I have to walk sideways just to fit through doors. I don’t…but maybe one day!

The workout wraps up around 9:00. On the days I don’t have morning cardio, I have to do some post-workout. This makes the nights even longer. Tonight, however, it’s just a shower and back home, no cardio.

I get home and the clock reads 9:25. I may have done a little over the speed limit but cmon, it’s been a long day. I’m hungry and tired, give me a break! My post-workout meal right now consists of Cheerios and RIVALUS Promasil protein powder. It’s like having cereal with chocolate milk. It’s so good! I take the time to let my body wind down as I enjoy my last meal of the day. If my parents are up I’ll chat with them for a bit, but if not then it’s quiet time for me and my girlfriend. We talk about our days and what’s on the agenda for tomorrow. Since my food is all prepared I can probably meet her for lunch tomorrow. It’s nice when we can hang out during the day, even though it doesn’t happen often. We go over plans for the weekend as I pack my stuff for tomorrow.

10:00 rolls around and we’re both ready for bed. Days are long but it’s the way it is. Being a personal trainer means I work when everyone else isn’t. Early mornings and later nights are the norms. It was hard at first but I’m used to it now. I’ve made it fit my lifestyle so I’ve learned to enjoy it.

As I fall asleep I visualize what’s to come. Nationals is coming quick and I know I’m going to bring my best physique to the stage. Every day I work hard towards that goal and nothing can stop me. It’s not long before I’m fast asleep, getting ready to do it all again.

– Leroy

IG: Leroy_Rollins_Fitness

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