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It is always hard to get up in the morning, especially if you have a nice warm bed with puppies who love to cuddle! I have grown to have a love-hate relationship with mornings. Waking up in the morning and getting ready for work then rushing out the door always made me resent mornings. I have found if I have some me time before work I have a much better day, so I learned to love waking up while everyone else is fast asleep and warm in bed!

Waking up early increases productivity, wakefulness, and improves mental health. Some of the ways these are reached are by having time to cook a balanced and healthy breakfast, not being stressed by running out the door late for work, and waking up early gives me more time to exercise!

My morning routine is to wake up at 0430 before work, take my RIVALUS power burn 2.0 pre work out and get to the gym for cardio and stretching! After this is done I am more awake and alert and leave the gym feeling happy and accomplished which sets the mood for the rest of my day.

Rivalus power burn has 200mg caffeine, a lower amount than most pre workouts, but this keeps me from feeling nauseous or jittery. Power burn 2.0 also has arginine and agmatine which help dilation to allow more blood flow when there is a higher demand for it. RIVALUS also has Complx5 which is another pre-workout with no stimulants.

Some other ideas to help waking up early more attainable:

  • Go to bed at a set time, once you are in a routine this will become easier!
  • Have a family/friend to do morning activities with you
  • Keep the blinds open to the morning sun can shine in
  • Don’t eat high sugar meals before bed
  • Drink chamomile tea to help relax and fall asleep early.

– Brittany

IG: b_gervais

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