Meet the Athlete: Crystal Gray


Hello, TeamRIVALUS world! I wanted my first blog post to be an introduction to all of you as I begin a new journey in my fitness world having the honor to represent this amazing company as a new athlete.  My name is Crystal Gray. I am 33 years old and am the proud MamaBear of 2 amazing boys. I work full-time shift work as an armed Nuclear Security Officer.

This May 26th I will be stepping on stage at Ontario Provincials for my 5th competition in the bikini category with the Ontario Physique Association.  I have always been an athlete with an intense competitive edge from the time my feet hit the ground and I started walking.  I can remember being on the school playground as a grade 2, tiny little blond, with hair past her bottom. I’d be taking on the older kids in grade 6, doing sprints and winning.  Throughout my childhood, teenage and college years I was almost always team captain, MVP or MSP of the sports I was involved in; Track and Field, Cross country, basketball, volleyball, Hockey, Baseball.  I played competitive fastball for my city and varsity Volleyball and cross country during my college years.   As an adult, I have taken up marathon training, sprint duathlons and fitness competitions.

Not long after College I became a young Mom to a beautiful boy named Tristan who taught me the true meaning of loving someone to your core.  This little man became the center of my world and it was a joy to watch him fall in love with the sport the same as myself.  He played rec lacrosse at the age of 5 and continues to play AA rep hockey.  Being a parent has its challenges but I have always believed in the importance of being a role model in health and lifestyle and showing your children that balancing your time is key.  I find that so many people lose sight of who they once were after starting a family by letting go of the activities and passions that once breathed life into shaping them into unique individuals.  For myself, life can be chaotic at times being a single mom. In fact, it fuels my fire even more! I am always striving to be a stronger and better person, taking life lessons and allowing them to mold me into a better individual.  With competing it requires a lot of time spent lifting weights and putting in the miles with cardio.  To be able to balance this time, I am awake long before my boys in the morning hitting the treadmill for my fasted cardio before I have them up and off to school.  Once they are at school, I make my way to the gym and put in the work as set out by my amazing coaches from @officialteamallday IFBB Pro Lise Thexton and National Competitor Darryl Burke.    As the weather grows warmer I get excited because cardio for me becomes something I do alongside my kids by hitting local trails for a family affair where they stay active either biking or running alongside me.  To me, this is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

Currently I have the privilege of being able to represent some absolutely amazing companies who stand behind me as an athlete.  I have been a Popeyes Supplements athlete since July 2015.  In November of 2016 I was brought on to the Absolute Touch Hair and Makeup team as an athlete rep and now I am over the Moon to be a Co-sponsored exclusive Athlete with Rivalus and Popeyes.  In the short amount of time I have been in contact with the other athletes and employees with the company I have been touched by how supportive, kind and welcoming everyone has been.  I am excited to continue to share my journey with all of you and hope to inspire and motivate as well as be motivated by this incredible group of people #UnrivaledPerformance

– Crystal

IG: crystallindsaygray

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