The Supplements Taken By a Natural Bodybuilder


Aside from training and diet, supplements are likely next on the list as to what people look to in order to make progress in the gym. Supplements are great, but they are just that…supplements. They are meant to supplement your proper diet and effective training routine in order to assist you in reaching your goals. Supplements should not be the cornerstone of your overall program. If you do not have a proper training and nutrition plan in effect, the money you spend on supplements will go to waste.

With this in mind, I do believe supplements have their place. Many supplements have been studied and proven to assist people in reaching their goals. Whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, general health, or anywhere in between, there are some supplements out there that can be very beneficial.

As a natural athlete, I pride myself on keeping my training and nutrition as simply as I can. My training is nothing fancy or groundbreaking, and my nutrition isn’t a quick fix or plan that only I know about. Stick to the basics because the basics work. I know what works for me and very rarely stray far from that. Following this same protocol for my supplements as well.

My supplement regimen along with my training and nutrition is very basic. I don’t take any pills or powders that claim to give me crazy fat loss results in an unbelievably short time. I don’t take any wild muscle building formulas that say they’ll pack 20lbs on my frame in 12 weeks. I don’t believe in those products and neither should you. My supplement plan is basic, but it gets the job done. I don’t waste money or time on products that are full of hype and don’t work. With this in mind, I’d like to share with you what I take regularly and why!

First and foremost I take a quality whey protein powder. A whey protein supplement is great because it’s very easily digestible, so post-workout and first thing in the morning when your body is craving nutrients are great times to have a protein shake. Currently, I take two servings a day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. My morning serving is in a smoothie and this acts as my breakfast. My mornings are early and busy so the ability to get a quality breakfast in relatively quickly is important to me. My second serving is in the afternoon with some oatmeal which counts as one of my meals for the day. Between training clients, I rarely have a lot of time to sit down and eat a large meal like chicken or beef, but I can get some “proats” (protein + oats) in me quite quickly. Each serving gives me over 20g of quality protein and keeps me satisfied for the next few hours. Currently, I take Promasil by RIVALUS.

The next supplement I’ll discuss is amino acids or BCAA’s. These are the building blocks of protein, and a good BCAA supplement can be very helpful in improving the quality of your workouts and recovering from previous sessions. Right now I often will consume one serving of BCAA’s during my workouts. I find this keeps me well fueled and energized during my session. On days that I’m feeling extra sore, like after a heavy leg day, for example, I’ll sip on another serving throughout the day or when I’m doing cardio to assist me in recovering. Right now I take Steam by RIVALUS. It comes in many different flavors so you never get bored of the taste. Green apple is my favorite!

The third supplement in my regimen is a pre-workout. Pre-workouts are often used to provide you with energy during your workout. I have seen individuals get accustomed to them, however, and have difficulty training without it. For this reason, I try to keep my pre-workout consumption within reason. If there are days where I’m more tired or where I know the workout is going to be very hard, then yes I will consume some before I train. I do my best to make sure my body doesn’t get used to it or rely on it. I use it as a tool when needed, but not in excess. The pre-workout I use right now is PowderBurn 2.0 by RIVALUS and the blue raspberry flavor.

As you can see, I do not take or rely on many supplements. Those three are the ones I primarily use. There are times when I may use other things like creatine, or ZMA, but for right now the ones I discussed above are all I take. As mentioned before I keep things very basic. Nothing fancy or useless. Just quality supplements within moderation. Without a proper diet and training program in place, you will be wasting your money on supplements. Take the money and invest it in developing proper eating habits and training plans. Once that is in place, then you can buy the extras.

RIVALUS products are 100% banned substance free so you know you’re getting quality. It’s a brand you can trust and know that you’re not putting anything unnecessary in your body. As a natural athlete, I’m happy to use their products and can say with confidence they’ve helped me improve my physique and make great progress in the gym!

– Leroy

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