Valuing Teenage Gym Members


Walking into the crowded gym I look around observing the members. I think to myself “all these people from all ages and fitness levels share this one room together”

In one corner is the elderly gentleman who comes to the gym every day so that he can keep up with his mobility and strength just so he can get through daily functions. Over on the stepper is the brand new female client that is scared to death to be in this place wondering to herself “I don’t even know how to use these machines. What the hell was I thinking?” At the back of the room is the up and coming figure competitor practicing those mandatory poses with all of her lean ripped muscles. On the bench press is a 35-year-old male athlete who is lifting that heavy weighted bar off his chest trying to make a new PR. All of these individuals are great assets to the gym!

Last but not least is the quiet teen with his headphones on looking focused and lifting for all his worth. Willing to learn and give his best efforts donates a breath of fresh air. The up and coming youth are the faces of our future fitness. They may be the next star athlete, personal trainer, future competitor or new role model. I think it is important that the teens of today be encouraged and guided into a healthy lifestyle. This is the time to encourage healthy eating, regular exercise, and positive attitudes. Physical activity will help in building strong bones, muscles, and joints. It will also aid in fighting obesity and to build lean mass. Teenage years are also one of the most difficult times in regards to confidence. Promoting an active lifestyle will contribute to building self-esteem, decrease stress and of course meeting new people. The opportunities are endless toward a successful life :)

Meet Brady Bourgeois-Robichaud, a current member at my home gym. I have been watching him train hard over the last few months and here is what he has to contribute during a quick interview:

Fave Body Part to Train: Back

Fav Exercise: Bent Over Row

Goals for Next Year: Gain mass

Training Days/week: 4-5 days

Age: 16

Keep up the great work Brady!!! Cheers to all those who push hard towards positive healthy goals!


– Michelle

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