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ENPULSE is a Libido and Testosterone Booster. It's scientifically designed to immediately enhance natural testosterone levels, reduce production of estrogen, and increase sex drive and performance!

Dr. Darren Burke (PhD) recommends 4 capsules of ENPULSE at bedtime. For best results use ENPULSE every day for 8 weeks and combine with resistance exercise 3-5 days per week.

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What is ENPULSE?

The ENPULSE formula is designed for professional athletes in drug-tested sports to build lean muscle, increase strength and improve sexual performance.

What is in ENPULSE?

ENPULSE is a powerful and effective testosterone support supplement used by men and women to immediately increase testosterone, lower estrogen and improve sex drive performance!

How does ENPULSE work?

ENPULSE goes to work by immediately enhancing natural testosterone levels, reducing production of estrogen, and increasing sex drive and performance! Higher testosterone levels are known to help build lean muscle, burn stored body fat, and increase athletic performance! The unique ingredients in ENPULSE work together to promote an anabolic and anti-estrogenic environment that results in increased libido, muscle growth, and the burning of stored body fat!

What makes ENPULSE unique?

ENPULSE is the world's first dietary supplement to combine testosterone-boosting ingredients with aromatase inhibitors and sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) agents designed to increase natural testosterone levels.

How do you take ENPULSE?

Dr. Darren Burke (PhD) recommends 4 capsules of ENPULSE at bedtime. For best results use ENPULSE every day for 8 weeks and combine with resistance exercise 3-5 days per week.

Is it okay to stack ENPULSE with other RIVALUS products?

Yes. ENPULSE can be stacked with other RIVALUS products. As a matter of fact, multiple RIVALUS products can be stacked. Many athletes are stacking ENPULSE with ENCHARGE and MPOWER to create the ultimate muscle-building / fat-loss stack!

Is there research behind the ENPULSE formula?

Yes. Like all RIVALUS products, ENPULSE was formulated based on the latest scientific research. All RIVALUS products must be certified as SAFE™ (Safe And Effective First) before they can be sold. SAFE is a university laboratory-based program that involves testing each product on athletes in order to confirm that it consistently maintains normal physiological function (safe) while improving body composition and performance (effective). In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study 30 male athletes using ENPULSE for 8 weeks and exercising regularly increased free testosterone levels by up to 70% and lean muscle mass by up to 18%, compared to changes of only 4% and 8% respectively for placebo group subjects.

Will I maintain the muscle and strength gains I made once I go off ENPULSE?

Yes. When going off ENPULSE, you will still maintain the muscle and strength gains you achieved while you were on it as long as you continue to exercise and follow a healthy diet.

Do you have to use ENPULSE every day?

For maximum gains in muscle size and strength, ENPULSE is designed to be taken every day for at least 8 weeks.

Should I cycle off ENPULSE?

Dr. Burke recommends that after 8 weeks of continuous use you take a two week period off CYCLE and then repeat another 8-week on CYCLE for even greater gains in muscle size and strength!

Can I take ENPULSE all year round?

You can take ENPULSE all year round. It's actually a positive for athlete's that can fit taking ENPULSE into their schedule all year round because it helps keep testosterone levels maximized and improves growth and repair.


With a higher concentration of new ingredients for optimal hormone support, the newly formulated ENPULSE supports optimal hormone release for muscle growth and repair and now can be taken during the day or at tight time for greater flexibility as it pertains to your training routine!

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Great product

Have been taking enpulse for a while now and have to say that it is one of my favourite products. It helps with recovery and strength big time and the sleep I get on it is unreal. I started stacking it with Clean gainer and am seeing awesome gains.


great night sleep

I have been taking enpulse for a few weeks now. I have noticed muscle gains but the biggest impact has been on my sleep. I sleep longer and better then I have in a while. I like enpulse a lot and will continue to take it but I have to admit it is a little more then I usually pay for supplements. But hey I don't mind paying for quality.