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Rival Whey Warm Ups

Rival Whey Warm Ups



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  • Innovative warm-serve protein — industry first
  • Mixes easily into HOT liquids or food recipes 
  • Made with hydrolyzed 100% whey 
  • Naturally packed with BCAAs 
  • 24 g fast-acting protein 
  • Low fat, zero added sugars


Anytime — especially around workouts, before bed, and when it's cold outside. 



With fast digestibility and unusually rich BCAA levels, whey is an exceptionally high-quality protein. Whey does have a limitation, however; it’s not naturally heat-stable. Try adding regular whey to cooking recipes and hot beverages and it denatures badly.

Rival Whey™ Warm Ups is different. Made with 100% whey proteins that have been specially hydrolyzed for enhanced functionality and bodily uptake, Rival Whey™ Warm Ups will withstand elevated temperatures that will turn typical whey powders into an inedible, and potentially less bioavailable, mess. Whether you add it to hot oatmeal, baked goods recipes, coffee and tea, or just hot water, thanks to Rival Whey™ Warm Ups it’s now possible to have your whey protein, and HEAT it too!


Add 1 scoop of powder mix to a heat-safe cup or bowl. Add 6-8 oz. of hot water or warm milk. Spoon stir gently until well mixed. Can also be added to any hot cereal, oat meal, or protein baking recipe!






Mint Mocha Nutrition

13 Reviews

  • 3

    Warm Ups

    Posted by Jonathan Watkins on Aug 20th 2020

    Hot Chocolate is ok. A richer taste than i expected, but definitely worth the purchase.

  • 5

    Hot cocoa warm up!

    Posted by Ellen Engelhart on Apr 30th 2020

    This stuff is the best! I used to hate whey shakes but now that I can mix this with my coffee, they're delicious! The best! Makes my coffee taste like hot cocoa! If my macros allow I add a little heavy cream and get a real treat!

  • 5

    Hot cocoa warm up!

    Posted by Ellen on Apr 29th 2020

    Phenomenal product. I add this to my coffee for my post workout and it tastes like a mocha. Very very good. I hated whey shakes until I found this. Now I'm killing two birds with one stone, my hot morning coffee and my post workout protein. Phenomenal.

  • 5

    Warm ups

    Posted by MT on Feb 24th 2020

    Great product. I have all 3 flavors and like them all. The hot Apple cider is a little weird being this is a whey powder so has a milky texture to it but not bad. This is a great way to have your protein if you like hot drinks. Mixes well but isn’t perfect. Thank you guys for this product!

  • 5

    Obsessed with this

    Posted by Seema on Dec 11th 2019

    I've tried the apple cider and mint chocolate. Both are amazing, and the mint chocolate goes great in coffee. They are a bit pricey but in the winter it's worth it. Doesn't even feel like your drinking a protein shake.

  • 5

    Whey WarmUp

    Posted by britt on Oct 9th 2019

    Love this product so much! I love adding it to my coffee and almond milk!

  • 5

    Great in coffee!

    Posted by Melissa on Sep 1st 2019

    This is my new favorite way to start the morning. I add some to my coffee and it tastes like a mocha! It blends perfectly too.

  • 5

    Rival Whey Warm Ups Hot Cocoa

    Posted by Azia Patrick on Aug 9th 2019

    This product deserves 10 stars. I’m not a big breakfast eater so I started mixing protein with cold coffee as a meal replacement shake...but I missed drinking hot coffee. This product not only solves my problem but it is DELICIOUS! It blends very easily and makes for a great meal replacement drink in the mornings.

  • 5

    Rival Whey Warm Ups

    Posted by Trey Schultz on Jul 1st 2019

    Mint Mocha is awesome! Tastes great & mixes well in warm water