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Facility Expansion

Facility Expansion

Posted by RIVALUS on Dec 1st 2018

Nutrivo, LLC (Rivalus Parent Company) breaks ground on 100,000 square foot expansion to Aurora, IL functional food and dietary supplement manufacturing facility

Nutrivo owns the RIVALUS brand and is the exclusive manufacturer of Rule 1 Protein branded products. In addition, Nutrivo manufactures a wide variety of private label sports nutrition, weight management, and general health powders for leading industry brands and major retailers.

In December of 2017, Nutrivo completed their large-scale expansion in record time! The full facility was up and running before the end of the year, greatly increasing Nutrivo’s manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Now standing at nearly double its original size (230,000 sq. ft.), Nutrivo has increased blending, packaging, and shipping capacity, allowing more efficient and quicker service to our customers. With full laboratories, warehousing, and easy docking access, Nutrivo is built for success. Any size customer will benefit from the speed, efficiency, quality and ease of Nutrivo’s state-of-art production facility. 

“We never imagined that we would outgrow our new facility in just over three years, but growth on the contract manufacturing and branded sides of the business have exceeded our expectations,” said Nutrivo cofounder Tony Costello

“We live in a growth space. Just as our customers are always looking to get bigger and better -both literally and figuratively – we are too. This sizable expansion allows us to keep pace with the needs of our customers and our brands,” added Mike Costello, Nutrivo cofounder

Check out the awesome work Nutrivo had done by watching this video:

See what Nutrivo looks like now:

About Nutrivo, LLC

Founded in 2013, Nutrivo, LLC is an FDA inspected, NSF GMP Certified, Informed Choice Registered, and ChromaDex Quality Verified manufacturer of premium powdered protein beverage and nutritional supplement mixes. Nutrivo is based in Aurora, IL and wholly owned by Mike and Tony Costello, the former owner-founders of Optimum Nutrition.

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