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How Supplementation Helps Relaxed Concentration

How Supplementation Helps Relaxed Concentration

Posted by Philip Nelson (@philip_nelson9) on Nov 8th 2019

In today’s day and age, athletes, coaches, and trainers all over the world are striving for what allows an athlete’s peak performance to be sustained. Most of these people will discuss strength training, conditioning, skills training, nutrition, and recovery as the pillars of peak performance. But there’s one key aspect that gets overlooked time and time again in bringing out the best in an athlete. The mental side to performance. To be more specific, the art of relaxed concentration.

First, let me ask you a few questions to see if you can relate. Have you ever believed the answer to failure has been to try even harder than you already have been? When you “tried harder”, did you over analyze your technique, approach, or skill so much that you impeded your progress? When you fail, do you react with negative self talk, thus leading to judging your effort as a failure? If you can relate, I believe relaxed concentration can change your life.

Let me ask a couple more questions. Have you ever been in the zone to the point where you don’t even know how you accomplished what you just accomplished? Have you ever wrote up your unusual performance to luck or “just being in the zone at the time”? If you have experienced this, you’ve probably felt relaxed concentration before and you’re not giving yourself enough credit.

It would take an eternity to cover everything about relaxed concentration, but let me cover the basics that might help you with your performance in whatever you are trying to achieve. Your mind is always thinking about something, but to achieve relaxed concentration, you need to quiet your mind. Stop trying to MAKE things happen and just LET things happen. Stop thinking about your results as positive or negative, for this can lead to negative self talk. Stop thinking about every single cue that you or your coach/trainer has put in your head, for over analyzing will paralyze you and stop your natural ability. Be aware of where your body is and the feeling your supposed to feel.

How does this relate to supplementation? I’ve found through my own experience that I cannot quiet my mind if my body isn’t primed for performance. Powderburn gives my body that extra boost of energy to perform my best. Post RX helps my muscles recover so I’m not thinking about how sore I am. Collagen Peptides helps my joints to feel healthy and strong. Last but not least, all the different ways Rivalus helps me get my necessary levels of protein helps build my muscles to be explosive and strong.

In the last year, I’ve raised my level of performance on the field and in the weight room drastically, and I’ve found my edge through quieting my mind. I cannot do that if my body isn’t healthy. I cannot do that without Rivalus.