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10 Best Stocking Stuffers for Athletes

10 Best Stocking Stuffers for Athletes

Posted by Kaitlyn Bailey @fit.flexible.foodie on Dec 4th 2017

Happy Holidays! Make the most of an athlete’s holiday with these useful items to enjoy all year long!


Oh yes! Food for the win! Their day will be made with a nice new stash of protein bars, nut butters, or their favorite foods galore!


Smaller sized RIVALUS products like Post-Rx, Complx5, Cre-Elite5 (or even sample packets) fits the bottom of a stocking perfectly!

Training Accessories

Basic accessories such as hip circles, resistance bands, wrist straps, cable attachments, jump ropes, etc. drives a basic workout to the next level.

Shaker Cups, Water Bottles, or Mugs

Sometimes a gallon of water isn’t the classiest accessory. Help them increase their water intake with some fancy, fun, or custom shaker cups, water bottles, or mugs!

Hair Ties/Headbands

Every girl struggles with this problem…the frantic search for invisible hair tie…keep them stocked up.


There’s nothing like quality sound and deep base drops to help push through the burn and keep an athlete focused from sprints to pull-ups to deadlifts.

Personal Care Items

Finish off a stocking with basic, yet essential, items like deodorant, dry shampoo, makeup, etc.


While heading into the New Year, a fresh journal is great for tracking training sessions, staying organized, or even just documenting thoughts.

Lacrosse Ball or Mini Foam Roller

Recovery is key for optimal performance in each training session. As boring as recovery tools may seem, they are used A LOT.

Gift Card(s)

Still unsure of what they would like? You can never go wrong with a gift card! A free massage, music, food, clothing, or even supplements is always appreciated! (FYI RIVALUS offers gift certificates on