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5 Benefits of BCAAs

5 Benefits of BCAAs

Posted by Anthony Smith on Aug 13th 2018

5 Benefits of BCAA’s

BCAA's (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), are now a widely used supplement within the fitness industry. BCAA’s have been put under more studies in recent years proving their benefits of increasing skeletal muscle.

One big reason why so many people are taking these supplements is because they help to preserve your lean muscle mass when dieting down. Anyone who has dieted down to a very lean look knows how they perform during a workout. Since you don’t have enough energy to replenish your muscles after a workout, your body will turn catabolic and start eating away at your muscle to give itself the energy it needs. Do not let your muscle go to waste.

Here are 5 benefits of BCAA’s:

  1. Increased Protein synthesis. Since BCAA’s are a free form amino acid they are easier to absorb, by adding in a supplement to your plan you are going to increase the production rate of amino acids in your body, thus more gains.
  2. Better performance during workouts. BCAA’s are often taken as an intra-workout to replenish your muscles. Why? Because BCAA’s fight against tryptophan converted into serotonin. When serotonin levels increase, you feel fatigued. When you take BCAA’s during workouts your body reduces the tryptophan allowing you to go longer in a workout without feeling as fatigued normally.
  3. Regulates Glucose levels. After a workout your body needs to be replenished, by taking BCAA’s post workout your body triggers its insulin response allowing it to be absorbed into the body quickly to repair damaged muscle tissue and reduce soreness in the future.
  4. Can be used as a pre-workout. Taking a BCAA supplement pre-workout has benefits. Some amino acids can be converted into glucose which can act as a quick energy source for you to use for a workout. Combine BCAA’s with a pre-workout drink/meal for more energy.
  5. Can help treat liver disease. BCAA’s have been shown to protect your body against diseases such as liver cancer. BCAA’s on top of other known treatments/medications to treat liver disease can help reduce symptoms but has no effect on the person’s mortality.

Personally, I use my BCAA supplements from RIVALUS to fuel me throughout my workouts and during the day. On top of all the benefits this supplement has going for it, they taste amazing! Coming in a variety of flavors. My favorite is Blue raspberry from RIVALUS.

Take your BCAA’s and I know you will see more gains in your future.

Anthony Smith