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Posted by Tyler Sibley @tylersibleyclassic on Nov 20th 2017

Many people that are new to working out, expect results very quick.  When they don’t see them right away that’s when they give up and think that it it’s just not for them. I think that a lot of people don’t ever unlock their full potential because of this. I believe that genetics definitely play a roll in building muscle but not all. I believe sometimes hard work and consistency can beat genetics. Consistency is key. Making sure that your mind is constantly in the muscle while you're training in the gym, not just moving the weight but making sure there is a squeeze and stretch in the muscle for every rep and making sure before and after the gym you are constantly feeding your muscles for optimal growth and recovery and making sure you’re not skipping meals and taking too many days off from training.

Over the years I’ve thought that my lacking body parts aren't dominant, only because that’s just the way I was made but the more and more I educat myself, I’ve learned that I was not training the muscles properly, lifting too heavy (ego lifting) or not eating enough carbs and protein to fuel those body parts and I’ve made improvements to these when I used to think I couldn’t.

What’s helped me be consistent is, thinking to myself “what’s more important?” Partying with friends and eating food for taste are things I know I can do after I reach my goals and those are things that are only doing to set me back. I also try to surround myself with people that have similar goals and that will motivate me to push harder everyday. Anyone that is new to fitness I think it’s important to remember that if you stay consistent and give it your all you will keep progressing.