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Enjoy Fitness

Enjoy Fitness

Posted by Preston Tate @thee_prestontate on Dec 21st 2017

There is always time for the gym or exercise. Can you really afford not to? Life is to short so here are some ways to fit it in and ways to enjoy it. 

Enjoy your workouts!

I’m not saying that exercising isn’t sometimes a grind, or at times tough, but there is no reason you should hate every second. Find a few things you can thrive at, and do those. If you are an outside person forget the gym and go train at a park or a playground! Shoot grab a few bands or weights and go in the back yard for all I care. Just get some minutes in somehow someway. You'll see once you start feeling better that you were missing out all along.

Get some friendly completion going on !

Get some friends locally or away on some type of competition that you guys can all strive for. Challenge each other for some top prize on who can lose the most weight or lift the most weight in a certain exercise within a certain timeframe. Shoot sign your self up for a show in the future find a coach and push for something more extreme. There is so many ideas that can make it fun you just gotta keep creative and go for it.

Put it on paper !

Yes, I’m talking about scheduling your workouts. WRITE IT DOWN and stick to it. Mark the exact time you are going to train, so you can tell yourself no matter what's going on my schedule says it's time to go so I'm going! Whatever it is your doing I'm sure will be there for you when you get back. Sometimes having it written down as stupid as it sounds may be the easiest way to push you towards your goal. Something about seeing it visual helps push you. I know it does for me. It's like paying a bill, you know the dates when things are due but you can push them aside easily, but when it's all written out in front of me I'm like I better jump on it and get it done now.

Always time!

If you think you might only have ten minutes or 20 minutes then jump on that time and make the best of it ! I always tell my people if you can't make it to the gym then do something from home with those few minutes because it's better than nothing. By the end of the week if your chipping away at those short workouts it will add up to some pretty good hours and you'll be surprised.

Lastly get a fitness App !

These apps have come a very long way and can definitely help you out big time. They have so many options from training to counting your macros and even vidoes on workouts. I encourage everyone and especially new people to grab one of these apps to help guide you as you learn more and more.