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Meal Replacements

Meal Replacements

Posted by Dani Capanna, MS, DTR, CDM, CPT @danicfitness on Dec 27th 2017

Could this be the link that completes your nutrition plan? They may not be for everyone, I personally prefer a meal or snack if we’re talking calories, but sometimes the convenience might be the only option I have. Meal replacements are also something I think about often leading into my weekend adventures. Especially if I’m meal prepping, oooh the time and space saver!

So, other than just my opinion, what have been some of the findings?

Studies have shown that meal replacements are an extremely effective weight loss aid and additional research has demonstrated that meal replacements are more effective than conventional dieting. Meal placements have also been shown to be as effective as dietary restriction combined with drug therapy. Most notably, continuous use of meal replacements may be the most effective means for maintaining weight loss of all treatments available. Meal placements generally substitute 1 or 2 meals a day and allow freedom of choice for your remaining allotted calories. This practice supports weight loss and maintenance by providing portion control and accurate calorie counting and thus reduces under-estimating and guessing what your actual calorie intake was!

A meal replacement can be many things; protein shake, protein bar, and now there’s all kinds of goodies out there - cookies, brownies, dessert bars, etc. The most important thing to remember if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight, is that every calorie counts. Just keep track.

Throwing in a RivalUs protein shake here and there are some of my FAVS not just for meal replacement purposes, but you know your girl has a sweet tooth and oh the amount of flavors to choose from! Blend them with some ice and you’ve got yourself a delicious “ice procream shake”. I’ve also made countless of protein pancakes and waffles using these protein powders, completely satisfying my sugar cravings and keeping my macros right on track.

Make your meal plan fun, switch things up, see if swapping a meal or snack or two with a shake gives you that extra push through your plateau.