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Who's Right For You?

Who's Right For You?

Posted by Steve Tinoco (@s.tinoco606) on Dec 28th 2018

What’s up Rivalus Family,

Steve Tinoco here with the latest blog for you on finding the right fit in a trainer. This surprisingly can be a hectic and stressful time for you when starting in the gym or just wanting to see changes in your body with some outside help. There are many things that can help you be interested in a certain individual, as well as turn you away from certain types of trainers in the fitness industry. I am here to help you through the process of finding an approachable, knowledgable and a safe personal trainer that you can trust going through your fitness journey.

To start, first impressions, I believe are a huge part on someones everyday life. This is no different when looking for a personal trainer. Although we never want to judge a book by its cover, the initial look of a trainer can tell you all you need to know in the beginning. Does the individual look clean cut, take care of his or herself, dress nicely, treat others with respect in their interactions? These are all question you need to be asking yourself when meeting someone first hand. To be honest, I personally will not want to to be told what to do or how to workout if my trainer looks worse than I do, or just looks like a slob to start. If they personally look good and take care of themselves, chances are they know what they are doing and are good at it.

Next, is the individual knowledgable of what you're trying to achieve in your fitness goals? Many trainers these days specialize in specifics such as, mobility, recovery, therapy and rehab, strength and conditioning, diet etc. It’s very important to talk to your trainer about your wants and needs in your gym life. If you're trying to tone up and ultimately lose weight, it doesn't makes sense to necessarily be with a trainer you excels in olympic lifting or rehabilitation. You want to make sure they understand what you're trying to achieve and that they share the same vision as you do. And keep in mind that you want to be with someone who is continuously challenging you changing your workout regime. If you're doing the same workout every other day and not getting the results you want, be sure to talk to them about changing it up a bit or find a new trainer.


Your safety should be held as most important when looking for a trainer to help you through your needs. For example, if you have had knee or back trouble, your trainer should not be making you do heavy squats or workouts you simply can not do. Just simply because it looks like you're able to or someone else can do them of your age or stature, doesn't mean you're capable of doing the same workouts. Make sure the trainer is able to build a program around your capabilities and what you simply are comfortable doing to begin with. Safety is key and you do not want to be nagged by injuries in the future solely from a personal trainer.


Finding a personal trainer can be hectic at times, but I hope a couple of these quick tips helped you in the future process! No better time to start a new program or find a trainer than now with holidays ending and a new year starting!
Until next time Rivalus Family,
Steve Tinoco