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Rivalus to Introduce HOT New Whey Protein at 2019 Arnold Sports Festival

Rivalus to Introduce HOT New Whey Protein at 2019 Arnold Sports Festival

Posted by RIVALUS on Feb 22nd 2019

Aurora, IL: Rivalus, a leading manufacturer of premium protein powders and performance-supporting sports supplements, will be introducing a HOT new product called Rival Whey Warm Ups at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival.

Rival Whey Warm Ups is a truly innovative whey protein designed to mix with hot water or warm milk, and into all of your favorite recipes. Employing distinctive hydrolysis technology, Rival Whey Warm Ups will withstand high temperatures that would cause ordinary whey proteins to denature heavily and clump into an unappetizing mess.

“Since the dawn of powdered protein supplements, over 70 years ago, athletes from bodybuilders and powerlifters to sprinters and cyclists, have been limited to cold protein shakes. Whether you get creative and cook with it or just mix it with hot water, Rival Whey Warm Ups offers an entirely new experience with absolutely no nutritional or performance downsides,” according to Jeff Gruskovak, General Manager at Nutrivo, LLC (Rivalus’ parent company).

Rival Whey Warm Ups are made with 100% whey proteins that have been hydrolyzed for heat functionality and rapid uptake in the body. Like other whey proteins, Rival Whey Warm Ups has an unrivaled protein quality score, digests easily, and provides all of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and other essential amino acids (EAAs) required for muscle building and recovery. In addition, the smaller protein fragments (or hydrolysates) may be utilized more efficiently than intact whey proteins, making Rival Whey Warm Ups potentially even more effective during and after workouts.

Rival Whey Warm Ups will be available in 15-serving containers and Hot Cocoa, Mint Mocha, and Hot Apple Cider flavors beginning in March. A serving provides 120 calories, <1.5 g fat, 0 g sat or trans fat, < 3 g total carbs, 0 added sugars, and 24 g of protein.

If you happen to be in Columbus, OH March 1-3, stop by the Greater Columbus Convention Center and visit the Rivalus booth to be among the first to try this exciting new product.

About Nutrivo, LLC and Rivalus:

Nutrivo is an FDA-inspected, NSF GMP-certified, Informed Choice Registered, and ChromaDex Quality Verified manufacturer of premium powdered protein beverage and nutritional supplement mixes. Nutrivo wholly owns, manufactures, and markets the Rivalus sports nutrition brand. Sold exclusively through specialty retailers in the USA and abroad, Rivalus products are synonymous with clean performance for athletes.