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Fat Loss

Fat Loss

Posted by Tyler Sibley @tylersibleyclassic on Jan 2nd 2018

Working out for the past 6 years and competing for the past two, I’ve learned a lot about fat loss and staying decently lean even while consuming a pretty high amount of calories. The most important things in my opinion when it comes to fat loss and staying lean is making sure you’re consuming enough protein, maintaining a healthy testosterone level, and high volume training. So when I say consuming enough protein, I mean about 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight that you are, every day. Most of the protein you consume should be a clean source and by that I mean lean meats like grilled chicken breast, fish, turkey and steak.

As you get older your body tends to produce less testosterone which can make it harder for you to burn fat. Having low testosterone can make you have low energy and low strength but there are supplements that you can take that will boost your testosterone. Rivalus actually makes a great test booster called Enpulse. Getting better sleep exercising regularly and having a healthy diet can also help. Testosterone is very important for muscle growth strength and fat loss even for women.

When I say high volume training, I mean short breaks between sets, high reps (but with as much weight as possible) and really pushing yourself, although cardio helps, weight training burns more calories and I believe diet and weight training is more important than cardio for fat loss. There is also fat burners out there and other supplements such as CLA and green tea that help. Rivalus also sells a really good fat burner too but these 3 things I think are the most important when it comes to fat loss and I can guarantee anyone is going to see results if they follow them.