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The Right Resolution

The Right Resolution

Posted by Steve Tinoco @606_fit on Jan 10th 2018

What’s up Rivalus Family?

Steven here ready for the New Year and excited to set some new goals for myself, as well as help you set achievable and obtainable goals to stick with the entire year. The overcrowded gyms are back for the first couple months and I want to help get you to commit in sticking it out and make it your routine all year round. I’m here to try and give you some pointers to set yourself up for success to a healthy and active lifestyle and not be the typical resolution-er who quits after a month or two of putting in great work.

To start, set obtainable and realistic goals for yourself! Time and time again I always hear men and women, “starting the new year I’m going to work out 5 times a week!” And this is coming from people who have worked out maybe 10 times in the last 5 months. Set your goals to what is realistic for you. If you work out once or twice a week, try for three or four times now. Or if you’re three times, try for four or five. The success rate for yourself is much higher to start slow rather than going at it hardcore. You’re setting yourself up for failure already if you go from rarely working out, to all-in to start. It would become a chore to you to make time, you’d dread going to the gym and you’d start making excuses of why you’re okay not to go. I’ve seen the occasional person who sticks it out and has that dedication, but honestly its 1 out of a 100 who stick to it. Choose what is realistic for you and I promise you’ll surprise yourself in the long run.

Second, make sure to plan out your days accordingly. What time you wake up, when you want to work out, when you get off work or even what days your less busy than others. Visually seeing what you have going on each day allows you to be less stressed and realize the amount of time you do have in a day to get more things done than originally planned. It gives you the option also to figure out if you want to work out in the morning, during lunch or even after work. Heck, each day might be a different time, it all just depends on what you have going on.

Lastly, enjoy the process. People, including myself sometimes, expect and look for quick results and just think it should happen overnight. Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s impossible, it’s not going to happen. Change and building a steady routine takes a lot of time and effort and that needs to be remembered. When you think to yourself “I’ve been working hard for a week, why do I not see a difference?” It puts a damper on things for you to want to keep working at it. Trust me, I’m very much a victim of this thinking as well! Stay positive, keep working hard and I promise you’re changes will come, it just takes time!

Lets kill our resolutions together this coming year, and have fun doing it!

Until next time Rivalus Family